About Frigays

May 15, 2018

Frigays is the fortnightly podcast that takes a sideways look at the goings-on in everyone's favourite long-running Australian soap 'Neighbours'.

Hosted by Daniel, the brainchild behind 'Frigays Podcast' and twitter account, and Ben, Inside Soap's 'Neighbours' Superfan 1995, Frigays answers all the burning questions you might have like 'How many alcohol units did Elly knock back this week?' and 'Just how much is it for a coffee and a muffin in Harold's?'

You can also expect a rundown of all the main storylines of the week and with over 50 years of 'Neighbours' viewing between them, plenty of nostalgic throwbacks to times gone by.

So whether a hardcore fan, casual viewer or lapsed fan, grab yourself a drink (champagne if you want to #DrinkLikeElly) and join us for Frigays.